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February 15th, 2006

11:00 pm: http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f265/Maxwell08/P1010097.jpg



10:41 pm: Well yesterday was the best Valentines Day of my life, I got a dozen roses from Matthew and I got a Pink plant from Maxwell. The Best ever! I got Maxwell a cute teddy bear that says “My first Valentines Day” and an outfit, Matthew just got a card and some candy with a teddy bear that says I love you. I worked 7-3 though so that’s sucked and Matt worked all night so I didn’t get to spend it with me but its all good because I was with my Maxers.

Anyways Life’s been great, it honestly has been. I love been a Mom. I finally got a car! It’s about time, right? It is a 1997 Ford Taurus and best of all its gold. I wanted something a little more “PimP” but I need to think a little more practical since I have a Baby and all. I like it a lot. On Friday I’m getting remote start in it too.

On Friday Matthew, Lacey, Max and I are all going to Sioux Falls to go shopping I’m buying a whole new wardrobe. I got my tax money back and it was a lot more then I expected. I cannot I am so ready for some new clothes. I am going to spoil Max to death!

I’m sad; my best’s friend ever is leaving me. She’s just packing up and leaving. She broke up with Tony and is moving to Washington. For Wade, I don’t want her to go. She the only one I really talk to. I can tell her any thing. She’s helped me so much with every thing. I want her to be happy but I want to be happy to. Is that selfish of me? But honestly I don’t think what she had planned out is going to work out for her. Who knows though? But it’s getting late. I better get some sleep before Maxwell wakes up again.

Current Mood: sadsad
Current Music: ...O Happy Day...

January 8th, 2006

11:08 pm:

Well what a day, were stayin in Jackson tonight because the roads are crapy. Its nice tho because I get to sleep through the night. Yay, when we come here Matts mom wakes up and takes care of Maxwell. Chris Matts mom is taking him for the whole week end this Friday, I'm going to miss him so much. But it will give Matt and I a nice break and time to spend with one and other. We need it.

Its going to be an early morrining. We need to leave here by 8 am at the very latest. And we need to make a stop at Wal-Mart.

But its getting late and I need to get all the sleep I can get, so talk to you all later, :)

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06:16 am: Wow, its been since Christmas already. I've been so busy. I started working on and off mainly only on weekends, when Matthew's home to take care of Maxwell. But I dont really start back full time until the 19th on this month. Its going to be so sad I no I'll cry when I drop Max off at day care. But it will be good for both of us. He's getting to be such a mommy's boy.

Well tonight Matt, Max and I went to lakefeild, so its been good I just hope the night goes well. Were staying at Matt's Grandma's house because his Mom is out of town for some Hokey thing so ya. I don't want to wake her up, but I sure she will understand.

I should really get into get now that Maxwell is asleep. Thats one thing I'
m not so good at, is sleeping when he sleeps. On Monday he has to go to the chropractior (sp?) and hopefully that will help him with his fussiness. Its really bad and they say that babies with ruff deleviery should go, so were giving it a try, but i'm gonna get ready for bed, talk at ya later! :)

Current Mood: relievedrelieved

December 24th, 2005

11:14 am: At Mom's

What a wonderful day it is today! Not to cold, Perfect! Well its Christmas Eve, and were all just sitting around at Mom's. Were all about to start making cookies. Yummmy.

Anyways I found out yesterday that I'm going to be a Aunt. How cool is that. My sister is going to be a Mommy just like me. I guess they have been tryin for over 6 months. Shejust found out on the 2nd of this month. They didnt tell anyone untill they came home. I think thats why she was so upset when she found out I was going to have a baby, but who knows I' m not about to ask her but thats what my mom and I think.

Maxwell is so cute! Grandma bought the cutest little outfits for him to where today and tomorrow. There from Old Navy and they have Santa on them and one is red, blue and the other is green and red. They all say Baby's first Christmas and the Green and Red one says Grandma little helper. There so cute on him.

Well last night Matthew let me have a break and he got up with Maxwell at 5. It was nice, dont get me wrong he is a good little guy he only wakes uo 2 times durring the night but he's up for an hour or so at a time and I get so tired somenights. And latley he has been real fussy , why I dont know. Grandma says he has gas and a tummy ace.

But were about to start the cookies and other goodies. So I'm going to get going.


Merry Christmas!

Current Mood: amusedhappy :)
Current Music: ...So I Guess Thats Why They Call Them The Blues..

December 23rd, 2005

08:46 am: X-Mas

well Maxwell and I are just sitting here at my mom's. everyone is still sound asleep. and its almost his Daddy's turn to get up so I can go and shower. I love being a Mom so much. You never know what to expect, and you get totake care of someone else, some onewho needs you, do you know how good that feels to wake up every morring knoing that. Its the most wonderful feeling ever.

Anyways, I feel 10 times better than last time when I posted. I can move and every thing now. I'm not going back to work until Jan. 23 so I gt to spend all this time with my little guy. But Max and I both need to get cleaned up, its a big day, Matthew and I havent done any x-mas shopping at all so thats what were doing fun fun


December 15th, 2005

06:19 pm: Well I did it, I went into labor last week on Wed. morining at 6 am is when my water broke. I though I had peed the bed at first but nope I didn't. We just changed the sheets and went back to bed then at 10 am it happened more fluid came so I called up to the clinic and they told me to come in. So we got ready and did a few last minute things and went to the clinic. Well Matthew and I get there and my doc. does a test to see if thats what happened and sure enough it was my water had broke.

I was so scared and happy all at the same time. Matthew also felt the same as I did. And he was so much help durring the whole entire experences.

Well we got checked into our room and my mom was there about an hour later, it was very conforanting having her there also. But I didn't actually have him untill 5:45 pm on Thursday. It was hell waiting. I had so much back labor and I just cried for the last few hours because the medication they gave me wasnt kicking in. Then after almost 3 hours of pushing Doc. comes in and tells me I need to have a emergencey C section. So they quick did and eperdural and it was amazing, he was my facorite person there at that moment! so then i go to this room and they get me all ready and matthew finially comes in and holds my hand. he was so helpful. Ok so now its time to start cuttting and the second they do I start screaming. I felt every thing. My eperdural wore of and fell out. so they ended up putting mw out. At the moment all I could do was cry. and Matt was so scared he was crying just as much as I was they made him leave. but I guess as they got Max out they went and got Matthew and he was the first one to hold his, he cute the cord and all that stuff but it was the happiest day of our lifes!

His Name: Maxwell Walter Schultz
Weigh: 5 lbs 11 oz
Lenght: 17 inches
Time:5:45 pm

He is the best ever I love him so much, he never cries, very helpful! but I need to get a nap in but I have more info to share so I'll be back later!

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Current Music: frosty the snowman

November 24th, 2005

11:21 pm:

Happy Turkey Day, everyone! Well I'm sitting in Marshall right now at my Moms. Matthew and I are getting up at the crack of dawn to do some shopping. That will be a blast I can hardly wait, not! Its going too be so crazy.

So I went to the doc on Tuesday and found out some very very exciting but shocking news.. SO guess what, well you know how I was having a girl, well the baby is a BOY now shocking right, I wasnt mad but you no ,we have all pink stuff. Guess what I have to go back this week again to see if there are two heart beats. Twins that would be so fun, but I'll keep you all informed on what happenes. But Ima go to bed peace! :)

Current Mood: soresore

November 9th, 2005

05:01 pm: ...At Kenny's...
I'm so bored, and so ready to have this baby! You dont even know. Less then a month tho, well about. I am so excited. I just hope I'll be a good Mommy. I almost got the nursery set up. Matts buying the crib this weekend and were going to get the rest of the stuff at My mom's this weekend, every thing that wouldnt fit in the car, like the stroller, high chair, play pen and other stuff you no.

I;m fettung mad because I want to donate the the cord blood from my baby, Well Morgan but its a very long process so who knows if it will get done

but I'm gonna jet, maybe be back later

November 4th, 2005

04:53 pm: ....In Marshall....

             I just got to the exciting town of Marshall not to long ago. Matthew just left to get started on some hunting with his Dad, I hope the dont get any thing because I reallydon't like deer meat, not at all and thats what matt willwant to eat for thenext few months,yuke!  I need to start helping my mom with some cooking and cleaning. But its my week end off and thats the last thing I want to think about doing. Lacey is on her way too she should be here soon I'd think.

       Well the Baby Shower is tomorrow, I am excited. There should be alot of people there. Were planning on 35 but I sent out 51 invites so who knows. It will be fun. And so much stress will disappear once we start to get every thing we need.


   But my grams just pulled up and I havent seen her in ages so i got to go, but I'll be back later to night!


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